Confirmit Seminar: The Biggest Roadblock to Your CX Success

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Confirmit Team

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What’s standing between you and positive customer experience? Your employees.

According to a recent report from Gallup, 70 percent of U.S. workers are not engaged at work and there’s a direct relationship from employee engagement to customer experience. Engaged employees are one of the most important components of any Voice of the Customer program. 

Earlier this month, Confirmit hosted a seminar in Philadelphia about harnessing the power of employees for VoC success. Stories were swapped and best practices shared amongst the crowd that ranged from VoC-mature companies to others just launching initiatives within their organizations.

Here are some of the top takeaways from the event:

Identify ways to engage employees in VoC efforts from day one
LivingSocial’s Kim Meehan spoke about several Confirmit initiatives the online retailer currently runs, while pinpointing NPS® as a fundamental part of LivingSocial’s VoC measurement. How does she get employees involved in understanding its significance? NPS is hour two of new hire training. You leave your first day of work with NPS on your mind.

You can link VoC to financial results
The majority of companies say VoC programs are important, but only 16% believe VoC delivers financial results to their organizations. That number rapidly changes when the right tools are supplied and employees are inspired by socializing customer-centricity. The first step is gaining trust amongst your customers (and employees), which leads to loyalty and ultimately financial results.


  • Don’t make your customer surveys easy (on you)
    One service-focused Confirmit client presented a case study where the company surveyed customers to realize the questions they asked were too basic, measuring simple transactions. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, but they weren’t uncovering customer sentiment about the most critical, time-consuming and complex interactions. The company changed to a more complex strategy that measured customer effort and focused on more complicated processes. The result? Customer effort and satisfaction scores declined, however improvement efforts were now targeting the truly difficult and thorny interactions. In an effort to drastically reduce negative customer experiences, the company changed its hiring profile to recruit agents that can better handle complex questions/claims, which ultimately improved the customer effort score and retained more customers.
  • Analyze unstructured customer data
    Approximately 80% of enterprise-relevant information originates from unstructured data resources – emails, social media and other comment sources. Companies launching VoC programs may be overwhelmed by unstructured data sources, but businesses that avoid tracking and analyzing it are missing a major piece of the VoC pie.
  • Brand your CX program and recruit employees to join
    No two CX programs are created equally, nor should they be. To engage your employees, brand your program and make it something that’s core to and aligns with your company culture. The next step is to find the CX advocates within your organization and get them to become your CX spokespeople. The more employees you can engage, the better your program will be.

This is just scratching the surface. For more tips and best practices, stay up-to-date on the Confirmit blog and look out for more upcoming events in your region this year.

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