Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Lessons from CX Leaders

Author Bio

Author Bio

Why do some businesses just seem to “get” customer experience, while others struggle despite huge effort and resources? Is there a “secret sauce”, a few drops of which will guarantee the success of every program? Unfortunately the “secret sauce” is still not available on the supermarket shelves, but there are some startling similarities when you look at award winning Customer Experience programs. What can we learn from the best of the best?

In this webinar, Claire Sporton, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit and guest speaker Sam Stern, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Inc., continued the quest to discover the “secret sauce” by identifying some of the common ingredients found in world-beating from some of the winners of the 2016 Confirmit ACE (Achievement of Customer Excellence) Awards to demonstrate how industry leaders use the Voice of the Customer to deliver world-class customer experiences. They focused on:

  • Executive communication: Why leadership support is critical to your program’s success, and how to achieve and maintain that backing
  • Team engagement: How to communicate with internal teams to build real support from across the company and inspire effective action
  • Innovation and taking risks: Using cross-functional insights to drive innovation, and give your teams the freedom to a chance on the right course of action

Claire and Sam shared best practices from some of our 2016 ACE Award winners to help businesses who are grappling with the challenges of a VoC program to make a difference and drive change.