Service Recovery: Leveraging a Negative Experience for Future Financial Gain

Temkin Group research shows that 37% of consumers who had a positive service recovery experience will increase spend with that company in the future. 

Most companies intuitively know that a poor service experience will have a detrimental effect on sales through negative word-of-mouth and compromising the value of the brand.  And many also know the positive power of a great service recovery experience that gets told and retold. Now, thanks to research done by companies like The Temkin Group, we have the quantitative research available to support investment in the development of a service recovery roadmap.

In this webinar, “Service Recovery: Leveraging a Negative Experience for Future Financial Gain”, our speakers, Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner, Temkin Group and Confirmit’s own Stacey Nevel, Director, VoC Consulting, utilized first hand experiences to demonstrate the power of positive service recovery experiences and used quantitative research to show the financial impact such an investment can have on the bottom line.


Stacey Nevel
By Stacey Nevel

Stacey Nevel is a seasoned Customer Experience (CX) professional with over 20 years of experience managing customer and employee feedback programs. She has a background in CX feedback measurement and management within client-side financial services companies and for last 13 years with vendor-side CX technology and consulting providers. Her current role as the VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit involves championing industry best practices among current clients, helping new clients define or re-define their VoC programs and helping to shape Confirmit’s VoC methodology and services offerings. Stacey holds a B.S.B.A. in Marketing/Psychology from Georgetown University as well as CCXP, CEM and NPS® industry certifications.

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