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Screwfix Case Study - using voice of the customer to improve customer experience and drive business success

Screwfix is the UK’s largest multi-channel supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchens. The nature of the Screwfix operation means that understanding the customer experience at every touchpoint is essential in ensuring consistently high levels of service, and in identifying potential areas of customer frustration.



To achieve this, Screwfix undertook a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program with Confirmit. The program developed by Screwfix and Confirmit covers all touchpoints in its omni-channel business and has provided vast quantities of actionable insight that has driven strategic and tactical business improvement, including; cost reduction, company culture change and furthering insight. Screwfix now has excellent ‘net’ scores across its business and 9 out of 10 customers would recommend Screwfix to a friend.

The VoC survey for Screwfix’s contact center is designed to improve agent performance and aid team managers in coaching this improvement. The team and agents have scorecards that include Net Promoter, Net Easy and Net Service scores, though the NSS is made up of contact center specific questions.

Each team manager has access to their team results, and will soon also feed into other key metrics such as average handling time and revenue per call, in order to create a balanced performance scorecard centered on customer experience.

What are the actions taken from the Voice of the Customer insights?

The VoC program developed by Screwfix and Confirmit has provided vast quantities of actionable insight that has driven strategic and tactical business improvement. Specific success has been achieved in three key areas: 

  • Cost reduction: There has been a measurable cost saving between running an online Voice of Customer program compared to the Mystery Shopping program that Screwfix previously used. This cost saving does not even begin to compare to the level and depth of additional data and increased number of respondents Screwfix now has access to. 
  • Company culture change: The Simply Better Service program has driven a customer focus into all levels of the Trade Counter and Contact Center teams. Area Managers, previously far removed from customer comments, now have access to hundreds of pieces of feedback for each of their stores. Team Managers in the Contact Center are also able to use customer comments as coaching aides for their teams. 
  • Furthering insight: The Voice of Customer program has driven other insight projects and allowed ongoing measurement of new format stores, including Screwfix Light and Power stores and Screwfix City stores, as well as measuring the impact of retro-fitting ‘digital’ elements into a dozen stores. The Net Service and Net Easy Scores are key measures to monitor the success of these trials.