RS Components: Connecting the Voice of the Customer with ROI and Culture Change

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Confirmit Team

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RS Components Case Study: using voice of the customer to improve ROI and change company culture

RS Components has undertaken a strategic Voice of the Customer (VoC) program with the aim of systematically capturing insights into the customer experience. The aim was to enable the company to gain visibility into, and create ownership of, the customer across the organization through real-time reporting – including individual case management.



The business also aimed to use the program to deliver a consistent customer metric to drive and track customer experience improvements globally, using the insight gathered to determine, develop and deliver improved customer experience through clear journey mapping.

At the strategic level, RS Components wanted to use the program to drive cultural change and business improvement, centered on Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and Net Easy Score (NES) as the strategic KPIs.

The RS Components VoC program is split into two areas:

  • Voice of the Customer surveys: Providing real-time feedback on specific customer experience interactions, from a preparedness to recommend (NPS) and from an ease of use scale (NES). This survey is large in scope but very specifically designed, covering 29 markets, 17 languages, any one of 9 individual activities, and any one or combination of 7 channels.
  • Web channel surveys: Capturing real-time feedback on RS Components’ websites from the users’ perspective, again based on NPS and NES. The web surveys cover any one or a combination of 9 individual web-related activities across 27 domains and 17 languages.

All survey data is captured in Confirmit Horizons and used for action management (alerting, using Confirmit’s Action Management solution), operational reporting (via Confirmit’s Active Dashboards module) and strategic reporting (via tailored dashboards using Confirmit Reportal).

All of these mechanisms were put in place with the single objective of providing a consistent voice of RS Components’ customers across the global business.

In addition, RS Components tracks and analyzes all of the verbatim comments from customers which often hold the most useful insights for the business and its employees. The team at RS Components acts on the feedback received from all channels in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pre-defined alerts triggers that have been established and implemented globally, regionally and locally. 
  • A courtesy follow-up to all detractors in order to effectively close the loop at a contact level. 
  • Follow-up on promoter feedback in key local markets.

Embedding Customer Experience Throughout the Organization

The VoC program has been the catalyst for a critical cultural change journey for RS Components and is reflected in its newly created company mission statement: “To be the most customer-centric distribution organization in the world. Connecting customers with parts and solutions.”

RS Components believed the only way to ensure the entire VoC program was joined up throughout the organization was to use a single VoC solution. This is where the Confirmit Horizons platform and its associated VoC modules came into its own, allowing the business to build a tailored program from the ground up, based on specific goals and defined metrics.

Customer feedback is shared across the company with consistent reporting to inform the business about:

  • The overall customer experience strategic landscape.
  • Comparative views of customer experience across different markets, customer types and channels.
  • Action needed in specific markets based on financial and other key business metrics.
  • Alerts and case management at local market and customer contact level.

Insight is also used to close the loop through marketing activities at a macro level to ensure continued customer engagement and acknowledge that their feedback is being listened to and acted upon.

Embedding CX as a Brand Value

The combination of strategic business change and cultural change has been driven by the core business values and metrics defined by RS Components. The overriding brand value that all 6,400 RS Components’ employees work to is customer-centricity and the VoC program was built to reflect the organization’s six global service standards: Listen, Extra, Value, Educate, Resolve and Shape.

As a result of the program, RS Components has redefined its Customer Value Proposition, centring everything it does around the customer, with specific emphasis on making the customer experience easy, differentiating the organization’s knowledge and expertise, and focusing on core customer needs. Customer experience is now an essential component of brand reinforcement in every customer interaction.

The VoC program at RS Components has proven to be truly innovative, partly due to its global business scope with multiple customer touchpoints in all regions, and partly due to the willingness of the executive team to make customer experience a board-level issue.

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