Philadelphia Insurance Realizes VoC Return on Investment

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Confirmit Team

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Philadelphia Insurance Case Study: Using customer feedback solutions to improve customer experience in insurance

"As a result of our VoC program, now before we do anything, we think about how it's going to impact our customer. That's a massive shift in the culture of the organization, and it’s a welcome change that's driven tremendous positive results.” Seth Hall, Senior Vice President of Customer Service at PHLY."
Seth Hall, Senior Vice President of Customer Service at PHLY



In 2010, the insurance industry began to evolve – previously expected market share was no longer guaranteed and the competitive landscape became crowded. Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) realized that long-term success required a fresh strategy. They needed a differentiator to set them apart from competitors. With a passion for service and customer experience being held to a high standard, they sought to make improvements.

PHLY partnered with Confirmit to design and implement a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program to enable the insurer to gain a line of sight into every part of the customer lifecycle. PHLY has run its VoC activities with Confirmit since 2011. The program now spans six post-transaction surveys, an unsolicited website survey and an annual relationship survey. Overall, PHLY sought feedback from close to 300,000 people in 2017. This broad view already drove action across the business, but the CX team wasn’t stopping there. Their next challenge was to remove silos and continue driving initiatives at all levels.


Changing Process for Transparency and Collaboration

PHLY’s VoC program takes a focused approach to gathering customer feedback. PHLY uses feedback to identify areas for process and service improvements and build relationships with customers. It also provides positive feedback to reward and recognize employees doing a great job. The program offers a 360-degree view of the policy lifecycle and gathers feedback at critical touchpoints. The program crosses department lines and provides opportunities for teams to work across divisions to make improvements.
Some examples of these changes include:

  • Taking Action
  • They Asked, We Listened
  • VoC Has a Seat at the Table
  • Passive Initiative
  • Internal Kudos

PHLY Achieved:

Improved Processes:

  • In 2017, the VoC program contributed to 104 process change requests, identified through a combination of data integration, analysis, and alerting through Confirmit Horizons. 28 percent of those improvements were implemented
  • PHLY reacted to customers’ frustration around endorsement processing time by providing more autonomy to Account Managers, and improved speed of service by 43 percent


Moving the Needle and Driving Business Outcomes:

  • PHLY has seen increases in NPS every year since 2014. From 49.6 in 2014 to 67.9 in 2017
  • In 2017, OSAT hit a record 95 percent and a 94 percent retention rate, directly impacting the bottom line
  • The focus is now on the “passives.” Hand-written thank you notes and supplying direct contact business cards has resulted in a 1.33 average point increase from those customers who filled out a second survey

Driving Culture Change:

  • The accessibility of VoC insights through Confirmit Reportal is driving exceptional visibility and focus on the customer experience. All employees are required to view and act on alerts delivered through Confirmit Horizons
  • Kudos alerts, delivered via Confirmit, play a huge part in motivating and engaging employees, helping to improve service further. In 2017, a record 60 percent of alerts generated were Kudos alert


 “These examples demonstrate how PHLY’s VoC program is supported at all levels of the organization and is an integral part of PHLY’s DNA...Quite simply: Voice of the Customer is now part of how we conduct our business… period.” - Zancesca Spagnoletti Assistant Vice President of Customer Service at PHLY.

Download the factsheet to find out more information about PHLY Voice of the Customer program