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It’s heading towards a year since we launched an Online Community for our testers of Confirmit Horizons Version 18. Since then, we have implemented our continuous delivery processes which bring new features to our SaaS sites every week. And with the recent launch of Version 19, there are even more new and exciting features for our community members to test.  
The community has been going from strength to strength with members making the most of the opportunity to not only get to grips with our most recent innovations, but sharing their experiences and helping each other out along the way.
For us, the Product Management team, it’s a wonderful opportunity to gain feedback, which we can use straight away to help enhance the product, or capture meaningful requirements to shape our products in the future. It allows us to engage directly with our customers by answering their questions, ideas or suggestions which are always extremely enlightening!
One of the recent items which I posted, 10 Hidden Gems for Survey Designers, is a great example of how the community helps our users to get the most from our solutions. Even the most experienced users can still find new features that will help make their jobs that little bit easier. And the rest of the Product Management team regularly post pieces about new functionality which is only accessible by a few stakeholders in our production environments (what we call “Limited Availability”), but is accessible by everyone in the community through our “testlab” environment. It’s a great way to get ahead of the game – find out what’s new and help us to make sure we’re meeting your needs.
If you’re a Confirmit user and feel you’re missing out and would like to be a part of the community, click here to apply, using your company email address. With close to 200 members, there’s a lot of Confirmit expertise on those pages, so it’s well worth getting involved.
Come and join us!


Alex Ager
By Alex Ager

Alex is Confirmit's Product Manager responsible for the CATI products within the Confirmit Horizons suite. 

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