Moving from Break/Fix to Breakthrough

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Author Bio

Confirmit’s B2B VoC Summit in NYC on May 11, was part of a series of events we are running around the world, with the specific goal of helping B2B and B2B2C companies harness the power of feedback from customers and employees to drive organizational change.

We hear a lot of presentations on CX topics about “nice to haves” or that are based on future assumptions about CX’s role in an organization. The NYC B2B summit was different, our speakers shared real life case studies and key takeaways that attendees will be able to implement quickly to drive reduced churn, increased operational efficiencies, and increased sales.  

Our keynote speaker, Paul Hagren, Senior Principal, Customer Experience at West Monroe Partners, spoke about methods that B2B organizations can employ to evolve their CX program from the common mantra “find a broken process and fix it” to “designing breakthrough customer experiences that create a true competitive advantage”. He pointed out that truly breakthrough customer experiences are founded on “design thinking” principles that consider not only your typical day-to-day customer interactions, but also ways your business can improve customers’ experience during their bigger B2B “life events” like mergers, acquisitions, opening new locations, etc.

He continued on to show examples of B2B organizations that leveraged CX design thinking to drive their entire corporate strategy. The key to all this, Paul explained, is to engage your entire business ecosystem – employees, partners, resellers, manufacturers, etc. – in a design thinking process that has a laser focus on improving the customer experience.

Following Paul’s presentation, Seth Hall, SVP of Customer Service at Philadelphia Insurance, shared the story of how Philadelphia Insurance evolved their customer experience from break/fix to breakthrough. For Philadelphia Insurance, changes that resulted from linking the customer experience to tangible business outcomes were staggering. In just a few years, Philadelphia Insurance NPS score skyrocketed 10 points, overall satisfaction scores are now greater than 95%, and revenue retention is better than 90%.

Seth shared his 5 best practice tips for success, which included:

  1. Review your survey: Don’t ask too many or too few questions. Be sure you ask the right questions to provide the information you’ll need to drive positive change.
  2. Capture the customer’s entire lifecycle: Map out the customer’s journey and collect feedback at every step along the way.
  3. Tie your program to business benefits: Tie your customer experience program to business benefits in order to the gain executive and employee support that will drive your program forward.
  4. Close the loop and take strategic action: After closing the loop with the individual client, your job is not done! Once a challenge is identified, implement change at a strategic level to improve the overall customer experience permanently.
  5. Communicate and celebrate: Involve other departments and share results with employees and customers alike to drive a sense of engagement that will push your program to new heights.

Following these presentations, Confirmit’s Stacey Nevel led a panel discussion of experts including:

  • Zancesca Spagnoletti, AVP of Customer Service, Philadelphia Insurance
  • Don Montour, Customer Experience Analyst, Tyco SimplexGrinnell
  • Joellyn Ball, Senior Manager of Customer Experience and Data Management, Moore Medical
  • Kim Collins, Sr. Director, Customer & Employee Engagement, Canon Solution America's Enterprise Managed Services Division (EMSD)

Our panelists openly shared their challenges, experiences, and expert tips for success on topics ranging from improving response rates to driving employee engagement in the program. This refreshing panel discussion provided all the attendees with even more best practice tips that B2B organizations can implement right away to drive their CX programs.

Finally, we dedicated some time to recognizing the ACE Award winners who attended. Each award winner shared their success stories and advice for other B2B organizations:

  1. “Involve line managers and other internal advocates in the VoC program design process to drive engagement” – Philadelphia Insurance
  2. “Integrate the Voice of the Employee voice into your VoC program to get a comprehensive understanding of the areas you need to improve” – Moore Medical
  3. “Establish yourself as the expert. Involving others (line managers, employees, etc.) is important, but don’t let them drive the program’s direction. Instead, let other contribute information about what they want the program to accomplish and you, the expert, should maintain control over how it that fulfilled.” - Asurion 
  4. “Promote your CX program heavily, both internally and externally to drive engagement. And be sure to train your business partners around your CX expectations” – Grant Thornton

It was a great event that provided everyone with a lot of valuable lessons on how they can improve their CX programs and drive unmatched Return on Investment. And of course, it gave us the opportunity to celebrate out 20th anniversary. To find out about our upcoming events, take a look at our events page.