Mobile's Impact on Insurance - How to Leverage It For Your Advantage

Author Bio

Author Bio

Mobile technology is changing the way insurers, agents and producers interact with customers today. The insurance industry is increasingly faced with new challenges and opportunities as companies seek to acquire and better serve customers who use mobile devices to manage virtually every aspect of their lives. Customers are now expecting to use mobile devices for a wide range of insurance services from submitting and checking the status of a claim, to paying their bills.

Considering consumers reliance on mobile, it is imperative that insurance companies develop a formal strategy for collecting customer feedback using mobile. In this webinar, Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead, Confirmit, explored the role that mobile plays in gathering feedback and insight from your customers and producers.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of gaining in-the-moment feedback using your mobile apps or mobile web services
  • The value of mobile as part of your multi-channel strategy 
  • How to benchmark and integrate user generated feedback with internal IT metrics
  • How to identify the key features that your customers or internal users value the most about your app or mobile web
  • Best practices to help you react faster to customer feedback