Mobile Banking Feedback: The Keys to Achieving a Better Customer Experience

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Author Bio

In this digital age, mobile banking users have heightened expectations of financial institutions and their mobile channel experience.

Your customers are using their mobile phones to access their account balance, pay someone, top up a phone and find out about your products and services.

It is our job as the financial sector to rethink the way we do business. It is time to reshape our interactions with our customers, exceed their expectations and deliver an experience and level of service that will increase loyalty, address their needs and drive real change across the entire business.

In our webinar, “Mobile Banking Feedback: The Keys to Achieving a Better Customer Experience”, Lisa Garthside, Director, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit, and Miguel Ramos, Mobile Practice Lead, discussed techniques to help you:

  • Uncover a deeper understanding of customer behavior though listening to your customers using mobile apps or mobile web
  • Understand what your customers think about your mobile apps and their satisfaction with your existing mobile banking channels
  • Identify the value of mobile as part of your multi-channel feedback strategy
  • Benchmark and integrate mobile feedback with internal IT metrics
  • Analyze key metrics and prioritize actions based on your customers and employees feedback to improve your internal processes, support your customers and make a difference to the business performance