Lunching on the Shoulders of Giants

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Confirmit Team

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Our “Lunch and Learn” sessions are becoming a fixture in our packed events schedule. Hardly surprising, though, when it provides a winning combination of food, like-minded professionals, and the opportunity to learn from industry leaders all at once. Our most recent session not only featured one of our Voice of the Customer stars, Stacey Nevel, but we were also thrilled to welcome Forrester’s Sam Stern to the table (literally!) to share his wisdom as well.

Our topic for the day? Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Lessons from CX Leaders. Our aim was to share with our audience some of the learnings from our most successful customers, particularly winners of the 2016 Confirmit ACE Awards. We know some companies just "get" customer experience, while others struggle despite huge effort and resources so we were excited to be able to share some common features that underpin many of the most successful programs?

Since we were having these conversations over lunch, it was only fitting that Senior Analyst from Forrester, Sam Stern then continued the quest to discover the “secret sauce” by identifying some of the common ingredients found in industry leading businesses, and demonstrating how they use the Voice of the Customer to deliver world-class customer experiences.

What was striking was that Sam’s research surfaced many of the same drivers of success as our own ACE winners had described in their programs. Of course we were able to delve into them during the session, but in summary we were able to pin down three areas in which the best-of-the-best CX shone:

  • Executive communication: Why leadership support is critical to your program's success, and how to achieve and maintain that backing
  • Team engagement: How to communicate with internal teams to build real support from across the company and inspire effective action
  • Innovation and taking risks: Using cross-functional insights to drive innovation, and giving your teams the freedom to a chance on the right course of action

Of course, no best practice session is complete without pondering a few “worst practices” as well. It was noticeable that when we talked about these situations, there was plenty of head-nodding around the room and the CX professionals gathered recognized them from their own experiences. The main culprits were building surveys with no action plan in place, and focusing on boosting a metric rather than truly driving change.  

It was a great session, with plenty of lively conversation and excellent Italian food enjoyed by our guests. We’ll have more of these Lunch & Learn events coming up in 2017, so stay tuned for one near you!


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