Lunch, Learning and a Ukulele…Obviously

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Author Bio

Last week saw a number of the Confirmit team hit the road to travel to Boston for Confirmit’s first Lunch and Learn session. Our topic was Driving Loyalty through Customer Emotion and we had 40 customer experience professionals join us for a couple of hours to listen, chat – and of course eat at the fabulous Flank restaurant in Waltham, MA.

We were delighted to welcome two CX industry heavyweights to speak at the event (and that’s not a reference to how much they ate!) Bruce Temkin, of Temkin Group who’s declared 2016 the “year of emotion” and Karl Sharicz, founder of CX Partners. Both shared some fantastic insights into the role of emotion in customer recommendations, referrals and loyalty.

Bruce was up first, and one of the main things that resonated with the munching audience was his discussion around the fact that in many cases metrics have become the central focus for too many CX programs. Of course metrics are a great guide to help teams understand how things are going, but moving the needle on a score should never be the ultimate goal of a program that is intended to be customer-centric. And that’s certainly something that we advise customers on a lot – it’s about action, not numbers!

Bruce went on to explain some of the realities of emotion. Firstly, that companies focus on emotion least: customer experience is made up of success, effort and emotion. Companies usually prioritize one and it’s almost never emotion. He also explained the link between emotion and loyalty. Likelihood to recommend, a key metric for many businesses, is tied to emotion. By making a recommendation, customers put their personal brand on the line, and that is an emotional thing. As always, it’s impossible to summarize Bruce in a few lines, so it’s well worth visiting his blog to learn more about his insights into the topic.

There was a fabulous change of tone when Karl hit the stage…with his 40 years of B2B expertise and a ukulele of all things! Following his CX-based musical turn he was able to share some excellent real-life experiences and guidance of operating Voice of the Customer and CX programs that gave the audience really actionable takeaways from the session. Particularly useful for people in the process of setting up programs, were some of his thoughts on how to prevent things from getting stuck. Poor scoping, unclear methodology and unclear outcomes are all the enemy of a successful CX initiative and Karl’s insights about how to get things back on track had many audience members putting down their forks and grabbing a pen.

With such a wonderful combination of food, presentations and atmosphere, we had a great time and are already planning similar events for the future. So if you’re always up for learning something new while enjoying a great meal – keep an eye on our events page to find out when we’re running a similar event!