The Path to Building an Integrated VoC Program

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Author Bio

Essential Steps for Building an Integrated VoC Program

If you are like most companies, ensuring you meet and exceed customer expectations is a top priority. This begins with eliminating data silos and empowering employees with relevant insights that build long-lasting customer relationships.



But gaining a 360-degree view of the customer experience can be a challenge. To assess how well you are doing, consider these key questions:

  • Do your employees benefit from a unified view of the customer?
  • Does your business ensure seamless integration of customer insights?
  • Does your company integrate VoC data captured via multiple channels and sources?

Research by Aberdeen Group reveals an integrated Voice of the Customer (VoC,) program is a necessity, not an option. Companies operating such programs enjoy a significant strategic advantage. The report entitled “The Path to Building an Integrated VoC Program,” reveals the processes, practices and technologies that support customer-centric results that drive improved business outcomes. Click below to gain access to the complete report.