Leading Retailer: Drives Business Success with Customer Feedback

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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One of America’s Largest Retailers Drives Business Success with Customer Feedback

 “We’re a very hands-on organization so we wanted to have a say in each piece of the process... after a thorough review process, Confirmit stood out from the other vendors and we knew they were right partner for us.” 

Senior Manager of Customer Service Solutions



One of the United States’ largest retail brands has nearly 700 stores and is the leading provider of content, digital media and education products. With a vast product offering and an array of store locations, it struggled to capture and analyze customer support feedback.

After implementing a Voice of the Customer solution with Confirmit the analyzes more than 800,000 surveys per year and a 14 percent response rate, the retailer gathers a significant amount of customer intelligence. This insight has led to a 6.8% increase in its customer satisfaction score and has positively impacted internal agent training protocols.

With Confirmit as our partner, we’re able to improve our agent training procedures on an aggregate or agent-by-agent basis depending on each situation,” said the senior manager of customer service solutions. “If we see an individual’s satisfaction score trending low, the agent’s manager will establish a month-to-month or survey-to-survey check-in system with them to improve and take steps in the right direction.

Furthermore, because the retailer partners with a variety of third-party sellers, they need to ensure their customers from around the world are receiving the same level of customer support and quality customer experience no matter the location. With Confirmit’s technology, the retailer is able to use the overall satisfaction score as a constant point of measurement among its various outsourced resellers which allows the retailer to view all results on an even playing field.

For instance, because the retailer has customers in every corner of the globe it needs to easily and fully comprehend the customers’ language. Analyzing customer comments and feedback from the surveys, arms the retailer with information about agents at third-party locations who may need additional coaching and training on specific languages.