Insight 2036 – What Does the Future Hold?

Author Bio

Author Bio

In case you missed it, 2016 is Confirmit’s 20th anniversary and we’ve been up to all sorts of things to celebrate our history, people, innovations and progress since 1996.

Fun though that is, it’s not in our nature to spend too long looking back, and so we’re setting our sights on what the next 20 years will hold. Not just for Confirmit, but for the industries we serve; Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Market Research.

So, where will these insight industries be in the year 2036? Will surveys still reign supreme, or will the Internet of Things and Big Data provide all the input that businesses need? Perhaps there will still be plenty of people completing surveys, but there will be robots conducting the interviews. And what devices will we be using to provide, analyze and act on the data that is available?

As part of a less-than-serious attempt to answer these questions, we’re launching our Insight 2036 program. It’s a short survey that asks professionals in VoC, VoE and MR – and indeed the wider tech arena – about their thoughts on how their worlds will evolve over the next 20 years. At the end of the year, we’ll share the results which we hope will include some genuine insight into the future of, well, insight.

The survey involves a spot of time travel as we ask people to complete it as if they’re responding on 25th October 2036. Here’s a sneak preview of a couple of the questions…

  • Which feedback channels are dead?
  • Following the death of the Smartphone (remember them?!) which devices are currently indispensable?
  • Robots may not be our benign overlords just yet, but what type of robots are now mainstream in 2036?

It is just for fun, but much of the technology we’re talking about is real now, or coming soon. Or at least a technological possibility. As with the internet, minidisks, Betamax videos, smartphones, and the wheel, we don’t know which pieces will fly and which will flop. Make your predictions and we’ll report back on what the consensus is. Personally, I’m all about the teleporter, but I think that’s optimistic!

If you’d like to complete the survey, click here to get started. It’ll only take 5 minutes and you can also create a tweet as if it’s 2036 as well. Better still, send the tweet for real and use the hashtag #Insight2036. We’ll retweet the best responses. We’re running the survey at this year’s ESOMAR Congress and as you’ll see below, people are having fun with it!