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Author Bio

The CX Network gathered in Paris recently to discuss all things CX! A jam-packed two day conference with discussions, presentations and workshops left plenty of food for thought for customer experience. Over forty speakers, including myself, shared their journeys to customer excellence, and the challenges along the way. Here are the top takeaways from the event for excelling in customer experience:

  1. Utilize Customer Insights

Sylvia Rozenberg-Monaghan discussed how ABN AMRO Bank boost their customer experience by utilizing their customer journey and frontline staff data sources. If your objective is to create loyal customers and increase your NPS®, you need to listen to your customers at each key step in the customer’s journey and feed back and prioritize across these interactions with your company. The challenge is not to forget to involve the broader organization or isolate the insights, while still making sure the program is manageable for the central team.

  1. Harness the Power of the Detractor

It’s important to identify common issues and if you’re able to take action on negative trends this can develop your customers’ experiences twofold. TourRadar struggled at first, but then they got creative and shared the customer knowledge with the wider organization and customized concepts to specific brands. Within 3 months negative reviews helped boost their customer conversion rates by 10x.

  1. Embed Customer-Centricity into the Company Culture

Anne S√łgaard Melchiorsen spoke about how Danske Bank’s employees are working together, against the silos, in order to shift from an ‘inside-out’ to ‘outside-in’ perspective, enabling the team to better meet customers’ needs. You need to communicate with your employees and involve them from the innovation process. Kim Ratcliffe, Hive, also addressed the difficulty of customer-centricity when you expand to other countries and the amplified need to add control, ‘No hierarchies or mandatory scripts means our frontline support can focus on just solving the problems our customers have’. Read Confirmit’s comprehensive guide to customer-centricity here.

  1. Know Your Customers

 ‘Design with the customer, for the customer’ Phil Pavitt, Specsavers. By caring about their choice and desires, you’re able to deliver extra value to your customers. In 2015, personalization and recognition became Accor’s number 1 focus. ‘You need to be able to rebuild the customer story with your brand and in your market, to be able to identify the challenges and opportunities’. With all the customer knowledge you gather, you’re able to personalize each of your customer’s experiences, improve customer loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell. All contributing to the ultimate goal of seeing a Return on Investment. 

  1. The Convergence of Customer and Employee Engagement

Many organizations have a Voice of the Employee program and a Voice of the Customer program, each at different stages of maturity. However, it is rare to see organizations that have evolved their VoC and VoE into an aligned program. In the employee engagement stream on day 1 I offered some guidance when making the leap to the next level in VoC and VoE success. If you missed my session and would like to see it, feel free to get in touch! In the meantime, here’s our whitepaper that examines the inextricable link between VoC and VoE.


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