Defining Your CX Strategy

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Author Bio

With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, Sarah’s passion lies in operationalizing the Voice of Customer to drive outstanding customer experiences. Her specialties include VoC architecture, developing linkages to business performance, reduction of customer defection and analyzing customer feedback to tell the customer’s story. Her expertise in VoC survey design has combined with omni-channel customer listening to structure sophisticated, customer-friendly VoC programs. 

Currently, she serves as VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit, where she combines her industry thought-leadership with customized needs-analysis to architect new feedback initiatives and corresponding customer experience strategies. She also runs diagnostics on existing programs to optimize structure and function to yield significant business insights from mature programs.

Author Bio

Question: What is the common thread that drives successful customer experience programs, regardless of business size, shape or industry? 

Answer: They have developed and actively manage a CX strategy.

If you want to be part of a highly-functioning CX program that drives business transformation, it is critical that your efforts are guided by a CX strategy. But how do you go about defining that strategy and defining what success looks like for your company?

In this short webinar which kicked off our CX Essentials series, Sarah Simon looked at the three key elements that make up a CX strategy:

  • Aspiration: How do you step out and tell your organization what you represent and how important you are to driving improved customer experience strategy?
  • Charter: Learn how to document your core team members and their contributions, identify important matrixed resources, and define what key stakeholders’ roles are in driving customer strategy
  • Roadmap: Where do you want to be, and how do you get there? Find out how to develop a roadmap that drives us to waypoints in our journey toward an optimal customer strategy

Watch this 30 minute webinar, where Sarah Simon, VoC Specialist, Confirmit set you on a course to assess the current state of your CX efforts, build your CX strategy (including your aspiration, charter and roadmap) and manage this strategy in an ongoing fashion.

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