Customer Experience in the Contact Center

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Author Bio

With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, Sarah’s passion lies in operationalizing the Voice of Customer to drive outstanding customer experiences. Her specialties include VoC architecture, developing linkages to business performance, reduction of customer defection and analyzing customer feedback to tell the customer’s story. Her expertise in VoC survey design has combined with omni-channel customer listening to structure sophisticated, customer-friendly VoC programs. 

Currently, she serves as VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit, where she combines her industry thought-leadership with customized needs-analysis to architect new feedback initiatives and corresponding customer experience strategies. She also runs diagnostics on existing programs to optimize structure and function to yield significant business insights from mature programs.

Author Bio

As the face of your company, the contact center represents an exceptional opportunity to capture the Voice of the Customer and drive improvements that hit the bottom line. But how do you build a case to implement such a program in an area that’s so heavily based on existing performance metrics? The answer lies in making a clear, financial business argument to your C-suite and ensuring you have a well-defined set of performance objectives. 

In this webinar, Sarah Simon, VoC Specialist at Confirmit and Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting discussed fundamentals to not only securing support for building a Voice of the Customer program into your contact center, but how to demonstrate real ROI that ensures long term success. 

You'll learn:

  • How to apply a proven model to calculate ROI for a customer care contact center
  • A methodology for determining the drivers of customer satisfaction with the contact center
  • The key elements to building a Voice of the Customer program focused on the issues unique to the contact center
  • Practical steps to turn your VoC program into a driver for action that improves the customer experience across the organization


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