Customer 360 Symposium: Confirmit’s 360 Experience

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Author Bio

Last year we announced the launch of Confirmit Australia and what better way to meet our industry peers than to attend Australia’s #1 customer experience conference, Customer360 Symposium? It’s a big event in the customer experience calendar, where a range of hot topics from key note speakers and local case studies filled the agenda.  

In addition to the networking events, compromising of wine tasting and golf, fellow delegates knuckled down to absorb some of the key customer experience topics that practitioners are focused on this year. So what did we learn? There were a number of points that caught my attention that I thought I’d share.

1.    Making insights actionable and actually improving customer experience. ‘’When 77% of consumers stop doing business after one bad experience, it’s vital to get customer service right.”

2.    Ready or not here it comes! By 2020 the estimated GDP of Internet of Things technology will be $7.1 trillion. This presents a huge opportunity for the companies that embrace the potential of this vast number of connected devices. In fact, you can find out how to make the most of IoT here and watch Confirmit’s webinar, featuring Forrester’s Thomas Husson and our own Miguel Ramos.

3.    Kate Christiansen spoke about the importance of keeping customer experience promises to get to the root causes of problems and leverage this to make better changes. "Often the intent to create all this value for customers never came to fruition,". This certainly resonated with the audience, and reminded me of many conversations I’ve had with businesses looking for new ways to get the insights they need to enhance the customer experience.

4.    "Your 1st customer in the contact center is your team member". Drawing on years of experience Jason Bradshaw discussed how call centers are your front line and need to be better utilized to help with the customer experience. I couldn’t agree more with this. The contact center is often seen primarily as a cost center, but with a focus on empowering employees, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to not only deliver better customers experiences, but to provide insights back to the rest of the company by acting as a listening post for all manner of customer issues.

5.    Customer centricity starts with culture. Lisa Claes stresses that “organizational culture is the glue that holds all the building blocks of advocacy together.” Absolutely! Culture change is at the heart of any great Voice of the Customer program, and it’s an area that we consistently see customers benefitting from throughout their programs. While ROI is critical, “softer” elements like this have a tremendous impact of a company’s success.


If you missed us at the event and you’d like to have a chat about some of the topics that we discussed, you can contact me here or join us at Confirmit’s own event in Sydney on the 24th May! More information to follow!