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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit's Program Definition and Design Workshop

Taking the first steps towards an effective VoC program is crucial to delivering tangible results to the wider business. Without the right groundwork, it’s easy for a VoC team to become bogged down in detail, while failing to take into account the big picture and the end results.



What is Program Definition and Design? 

Every Voice of the Customer (VoC) program delivered by Confirmit begins with a Program Definition and Design Workshop. As the first step in our implementation process, Program Definition and Design helps you to ensure your VoC program meets the needs of key stakeholders across your business and delivers clear results against your goals and KPIs. Confirmit’s experts help you to take the right planning steps in a logical and systematic way to maximize the impact of your program.

Benefits of Program Definition and Design 

Whether “lifting and shifting” your current program to the Confirmit platform, or developing an entirely new VoC program, our highly experienced CX Consultants will guide you through the process and apply best practices to ensure your program is well designed and delivers immediate impact. At the end of your Program Definition and Design phase of implementation, you will be able to: 
Activate your VoC program with the confidence that it has been uniquely tuned for your specific needs based upon proven principles for professional VoC programs 
Deliver all of the facets of a complete VoC program internally, including the appropriate listening posts, reporting solutions, and action management tools to serve your entire business 
Communicate effectively to your organization about the insights that will be gathered and shared, along with expectations for actions to address them.

Part of the Confirmit Compass Consulting Offering

Confirmit’s VoC experts help you to take those steps in a logical and systematic way to maximize the impact of your program. This fact sheet discusses the Define and Design stages of the Confirmit Voices model, explaining how our team can help you to:

  • Create a program framework
  • Establish key goals and success criteria
  • Design data capture components
  • Design appropriate reporting mechanisms

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