Confirmit Takes Great Strides with 65km Charity Walk

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Author Bio

Just occasionally, Confirmites like to look up from the worlds of Customer Experience and Market Research and do something a bit different. And such was the case last weekend when a dozen members of the Confirmit team, along with a few friends, took part in Great Strides 65, a 65km (40 mile) walk to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

We’ve all been training hard for the last few months, with many a Monday morning in the London office involving discussions about the right shoes/socks to wear, recent training routes and times, and exactly how many steps we’d taken over the weekend (which, given the rather competitive nature of the average Confirmite, got a shade heated from time to time!)

Then came the day. And at the risk of stating the obvious…..40 miles is a REALLY LONG WAY. We met in a Surrey field at 6am with a couple of our Norwegian colleagues, ready to crack on and excited about the day ahead. Then we set off with the hope of finishing before darkness set in.

As a team, we’re a pretty lucky group. Spending over 15 hours traipsing (with varying levels of energy and enthusiasm) with people from the office isn’t something that everyone would want to do. I’ll admit, there was a certain amount of mid-level mockery and abuse at a few points, but it was all very good natured and I think just about fell under the heading of “team building”….

Actually, a lot of what took place during the day was rather like our working lives. For example, we occasionally disagreed on the right direction to take….

But always reviewed the facts and ended up in agreement and heading in the right direction…

And, in most cases, we kept smiling…



We also had excellent support to make the appropriate enhancements to our key features when required…

Another parallel with our Confirmit lives was the amazing support we had from our colleagues. Several of them followed us around for the day in support cars, bringing us snacks, drinks, clean socks and most of all, encouragement. Other workmates just came out to say hi and wish us luck at some of the checkpoints, and the sight of a friendly (non-sweaty) face really helped to push us forward.

All the Confirmites made it to the end – 15 hours after we started. Still smiling, still very happy to be together – and utterly delighted to see a cup of tea!

We’ve raised close to £5,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust so we’re hugely grateful to our many generous sponsors who have supported us.

Finally, evidence that there was even time for a spot of light posing…..although I can’t claim these chaps looked so chipper as they crossed the finish line!