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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Confirmit Smarthub for customer feedback mapping

Confirmit SmartHub enables you to easily capture, analyse and manage feedback from all your research projects in real-time within a single, intelligent database. For the first time, you can easily capture and map all data from each of your customer’s touchpoints into an intelligent repository.



What is Confirmit SmartHub? 

Confirmit SmartHub enables you to capture, analyze and respond to customer feedback in real-time from a single, centralized hub.
For the first time, you can easily capture and map all customer data from all your customer touchpoints into an intelligent hub. By moving beyond survey results and adding customer data such as call center interaction, social media and past-purchase information, you can generate new insights and initiate tactical and strategic actions to drive business performance improvements.

What can Confirmit SmartHub do for my Business?

Confirmit SmartHub helps you achieve a richer view of your customers and markets by bringing different types of data in alongside survey data. This allows you to analyze all data together to provide context for, and add depth to, all your customer and market feedback. Ultimately, this helps you make smarter and faster decisions to drive your business forward.
Confirmit SmartHub is a feature-rich, centralized hub with key features that include:
  • Monitoring of contacts such as customers and employees across different data sources, in a central contact database repository.
  • Control of email frequency with Contact Frequency Rules.
  • The ability to combine multiple data sources into one repository, allowing you to: 
  • Map and link sources together 
  • Perform analysis on the data 
  • Perform near real-time synchronization of new and updated data 
  • Import and monitor external data to SmartHub™ 
  • Ease the setup, administration and monitoring of data sources 

Download the fact sheet to learn more about Confirmit SmartHub.