Confirmit Horizons Webinar – Doc2Survey FAQs

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Confirmit Team

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Our launch webinars are always hugely interactive, and this year was no exception. As we ran through each of the presentations, we had dozens of questions about the new features and enhancements that made up Confirmit Horizons Version 16. Some of the questions came up several times, so I thought I’d share them here over the next couple of weeks.

Here are some of the FAQs we received about Doc2Survey, one of the new features that generated the most excitement within the session.

Do I need to install anything on my PC to use Doc2Survey?
No, there’s nothing to install. You just create your survey in the format of your choice (e.g. Word, PDF, Excel) and copy it into Confirmit.

Do I need to use any pre-defined templates for the import to work properly?
No. Confirmit will recognize most formatting and will create questions accordingly. This includes bulleted lists, a range of question types and any information sections you want to include. All you need to do is copy the content of your document and paste it into the Confirmit authoring environment. You then work through the document to make any tweaks and adjustments that you’d like.

Is it possible using Doc2Survey create a 3DGrid with some multis and grids inside?
Doc2Survey supports the 3D grid node type, but there is no automatic way to select an entire grid and create a 3D grid from that. The items would need to be created individually as the standard question types inside of the 3D grid in Doc2Survey.

Does the Doc2Survey also recognize Asian Characters?
Yes, is does. Like the rest of the Confirmit platform, Doc2Survey is unicode compliant so you can create surveys in a huge variety of languages.

Can Standard Users use Doc2Survey?
Yes, Doc2Survey is ideal for Standard Users as it’s another way of simplifying the survey authoring process.

Will the word export from authoring look like my original document that was used for Doc2Survey?
No, the text pasted in serves as a way of defining all of the words that will be used in the survey. The text  itself is stored in Confirmit and associated with the project, but it is not used within the created survey. Doc2Survey displays the document with formatting as in Word, but when the questions are generated it is only the texts that are used, all formatting is removed.

Can I change question my question properties inside Doc2Survey?
No, but you can flip to the survey designer and change them there.

What if I need to add condition nodes or loops to my survey?
This can be done in the standard designer and the you can continue to add/edit questions inside Doc2Survey. You cannot create those nodes types directly in Doc2Survey.

Is Doc2Survey an add-on?
No, this is available for both Professional and Standard users.

Does Doc2Survey support displaying embedded images from a word document?
No, when the copied text is pasted into Doc2Survey images will not be included.