Confirmit Horizons Version 18: The Countdown is On!

Author Bio

Author Bio

It’s the most eagerly anticipated launch in our industry and it’s only just around the corner. Over the next few weeks we will share more about what’s coming in Confirmit Horizons Version 18 and we think you’ll be as excited about the possibilities as we are!

To start the ball rolling, let me recap how we have arrived where we are today. The businesses that are fastest to adapt and respond to changing customer and market requirements are the ones that will survive and thrive. To do this, they need to be more agile, more dynamic, and more intelligent in the way that they seek input from customers and markets. 

There are increasingly diverse modes of interactions now available between businesses and their customers: Direct and indirect, solicited and unsolicited, through mobile, social, web, telephone, face-to-face and more. The size and complexity of the data behind these interactions are growing massively. People expect to have consistent experiences across all these channels and to be able to switch between them in a way that suits them. 

What businesses need is an intelligent hub for capturing and mapping together all forms of data into a richer view of the customer, together with smart analytics linked to rapid response mechanisms. That is easy to say and hard to deliver. Confirmit has invested huge R&D resources into Version 18 to build innovative new capabilities that hide these complexities and deliver what companies needed. Confirmit SmartHub™ is at the center of this new release, linking together all the different modules, including updated Authoring and Reportal, new Instant Analytics, Active Dashboards and Action Management modules, and the recently acquired Genius Text and Social Analytics modules.

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about, so let me summarize the key benefits here to whet your appetite. Confirmit Horizons Version 18 will enable you to drive:

Richer insights

  • Listen across all your customers’ preferred channels
  • Deliver a more engaging respondent experience
  • Capture and map all insights in one central hub.

Smarter decisions

  • Easily design surveys for the insights you need
  • Quickly deploy powerful dashboards
  • Deliver relevant insight for all stakeholders on all devices.

Faster reactions

  • Instantly analyze feedback
  • Immediately identify potential issues using alerts
  • Easily assign and track actions.

We’ve listened to the market, and we’ve listened to our customers. Whether you’re a Market Research agency, striving to deliver innovations that will give your company a competitive edge, or an enterprise using the Voice of the Customer or Voice of the Employee to drive business change, there’ll be plenty in Version 18 to support you.

There’s a lot to get excited about—stay tuned because we’ve got a lot more to share with you!!