Confirmit Horizons Version 18: FAQ from the Product Webinars

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It’s always great to finally deliver new features into the hands of the customers, and the positive feedback so far surrounding the new capabilities in Confirmit Horizons version 18 has been phenomenal. 

The recent product webinars for the new Authoring and Reportal improvements were highly attended, and incredibly interactive in terms of audience enthusiasm and questions. For those who couldn’t attend, you can always watch the Authoring and Reportal webinar recordings on the Extranet. In addition, here are the top five questions that came out of the sessions:

Q: When will Version 18 be available for On-Premise customers?
A: We plan to make this available for On-Premise customers at the end of Q2 2014.

Q: Will the new designer log track changes to script nodes?
A: Yes, essentially everything will now be tracked. The key omissions from the previous version were changes made to: Scripts, masks, conditions, quotas, email nodes, predefined lists and property changes, all these are tracked now.

Q: What types of images can be uploaded in the image upload question type?        

A: All types of images can be uploaded, but only images, not video/audio and no other file types (such as PDF, Word documents etc…)

Q: Once images are uploaded, where can they be viewed?
A: Either in Survey Data Editor, a Reportal Hitlist, or via Instant Analytics.

Q: How do you enable the new Highcharts engine?
A: If you right-click on the chart in the report tree and select properties, then you can change the rendermode property from Version 1 (Dundas) to Version 2 (Highcharts).  Note that the chart should not be open before selecting the properties dialog.

There are more webinars to come at the end of the month, highlighting new features such as the SmartHub, Instant Analytics, and the addition of Active Dashboards and Action Management modules to the Confirmit Horizons core platform. 

We hope to see you there and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions again!

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