Confirmit Genius: Mining for Hidden Truths in Free-form Content

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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What is Confirmit Genius?

Confirmit Genius is an advanced Text Analytics platform that uses the latest Machine Learning technologies to help you draw meaning from unstructured content. It is tightly integrated with Confirmit Horizons, our comprehensive, multichannel Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and Market Research platform, so you can easily combine structured data from surveys with the depth of insight and unprecedented level of detail available only in open-ended feedback.



With Confirmit Genius, you can build your own advanced feedback programs that deliver higher quality results much faster than traditional feedback techniques. For example, combining unstructured feedback with structured data from surveys can provide insight into the ‘why’ behind the customer/consumers’ survey responses.

What are the Two Main Modules of Confirmit Genius?

Confirmit Genius consists of two main modules, these are:

  • Confirmit Genius Text Analytics: draw meaning and deep insights from unstructured text found in survey verbatims, call center notes, chatbot records, emails, and more. Even social media data can be imported for analysis, providing businesses with unparalleled insights into their online reputation and informing important business decisions.
  • Confirmit Model Builder: explore your data and create hierarchical categorization models so that you can keep track of the key issues that impact your business. Model Builder speeds up the process of building and maintaining your models, such as model versioning, easy identification of uncategorized comments, and powerful topic discovery.

What are the Benefits of Confirmit Genius?

  • Gain richer insights into customer and market perceptions
  • Uncover new understanding of specific issues for your business
  • Drive intelligent action to improve the customer experience


Please download the following factsheet to learn more about Confirmit Genius.

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