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Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing - CAPI

Confirmit CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) is designed for face-to-face or field interviewing. It is a module of Confirmit Horizons, an end-to-end solution that enables you to manage every step of the survey lifecycle, from multi-channel survey creation and deployment to panel management, data processing, online reporting, analysis, and alerting.

Confirmit CAPI is available as a standard CAPI offering for completion by your field interviewers on Windows®, Android™ or Apple® devices, or as a Kiosk tool for self-completion by respondents.


What are the benefits of Confirmit CAPI

Confirmit CAPI enables you to engage in feedback and research programs regardless of where respondents are located. You can effectively and efficiently manage a widely dispersed field force, and provide your interviewers with access to the same sophisticated survey capabilities offered by Confirmit’s online solutions. These include:

  • Multimedia question options (videos, flash files, images, etc.)
  • Complex survey logic for questionnaire routing
  • Advanced quota control
  • Multiple language options

These features mean that Confirmit CAPI is ideally suited to Central Location Testing (CLT), which provides a key channel for many businesses seeking data from specific demographics, and which enables stringent validation procedures.

Confirmit CAPI includes additional features for image and location capture to add richness to your data. The software is localized into 42 languages, giving complete flexibility to deploy multi-country studies on the platform that best meets your business need. Confirmit Kiosk enables you to gather timely feedback from respondents via stations placed at target locations, such as hotels, stores, or transport centers. Ideal for conducting product or service testing surveys, Confirmit Kiosk allows you to gather insight when it suits your respondents.

How can I Integrate CAPI with my Wider Market Research Activities?

Confirmit CAPI allows you to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Confirmit’s online survey tools and apply them to your offline projects.

Because Confirmit Horizons is a completely integrated solution, you benefit from a single authoring environment that allows you to design surveys and manage projects regardless of the data collection channels you use. You can apply and adapt your web or telephone surveys, for example, to your CAPI projects, and the data you collect using Confirmit CAPI can then be integrated with your other survey data and combined for analysis in Confirmit’s wide range of analysis tools, such as Confirmit Reportal.

In addition, you can conduct projects on both web and CAPI/Kiosk using different samples running in parallel, thus increasing your audience. Because Confirmit surveys and reports are designed and managed on the same platform, you can choose your preferred methods of data collection, mixing channels as required, to support your business or methodology objectives.

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