Confirmit Australia: The View from Down Under

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Author Bio

In case you missed it, last week Confirmit announced the launch of Confirmit Australia following its acquisition of IRM in Sydney. IRM had been Confirmit’s exclusive reseller in the region for over a decade, and for five years of that, I was the General Manager – working with the rest of the IRM team to take Confirmit’s solutions to the Asia market.

As a reseller, we worked pretty closely with some of the Confirmit team, and knew we had their support for both us and our direct customers when we needed it. However, by becoming an integral part of Confirmit, we’ll have so many more opportunities over the coming months and years. The backing of the full Confirmit team, not to mention the ability to dramatically increase the feet on the ground in our Sydney office will bring a new level of expertise and experience to our customers and the wider market.

The Confirmit Australia team has already spent a couple of weeks with our new colleagues in London and it was fantastic to meet everyone and to understand the breadth and depth of resource and expertise that we can now draw upon. When we factor in the other offices in Europe, Asia and North America, we’re clearly operating in a different league now!

Like most of the rest of the world, the Market Research industry in Australia is very mature, and our MR customers are already running some really sophisticated projects using Confirmit solutions. The expansion of the Confirmit portfolio over the last few years, though, has been huge, and we’ll now be able to offer so much more to these customers to help them remain competitive in the market.

The role of things like mobile, text analytics and highly flexible reporting solutions to the Market Research world is growing fast, and Confirmit’s capabilities in all these areas are second to none. I’ve already had conversations with several of our customers who are really excited by the possibilities, so I think the next few months are going to be pretty busy for Confirmit Australia!

On top of that, we’ll now be in a much better position to work with enterprises on developing Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee programs – something that is really picking up pace in the region, judging by the success of events such as the Customer Experience Asia Summit which I’m looking forward to attending in September.

Watch this space – there’s a lot coming from Sydney. The worlds of Market Research and Voice of the Customer in Asia are about to get a serious boost!