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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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Cognita is a worldwide group of more than 65 private schools in Europe, Latin America and South- East Asia. Part of the company’s mission is to respect the individuality of each school to ensure they retain their own unique ethos, with curricula and programs tailored to the needs of the parents and children it serves.



To this end, Cognita commissioned a Global Customer Experience initiative to support organizational success through a deeper understanding of their customers: the pupils’ parents. Having selected Confirmit as their partner for their “Voice of the Parent” program, Cognita’s program was fully deployed in schools across 3 regions, covering multiple customer touchpoints.


In this case study you’ll learn how:

  • Confirmit’s Voice of the Customer specialists worked with Cognita’s team to define clear business outcomes for the program, aligned to the group’s five-year plan
  • Cognita was able to capture parent feedback in nine languages and share this insight quickly in an actionable manner
  • Insight from the program has empowered customer-facing staff to engage both potential parents and resolve requests from existing parents more quickly.


Success and Results 

Since its implementation in 2014, the VoP program has expanded rapidly. Cognita has now embedded Customer Experience leads in all three regions and in its largest schools. Their role is to provide CX oversight, quality assurance for surveys and to support school leaders in driving improvement and change. 

As one of the first global schools groups to deploy a multi-region, multi-language feedback program across the end-to-end parent journey, many aspects were untried. Success has come as a result of the close collaborative program design work between Cognita and Confirmit, ensuring the program was able to cater for the different academic year cycles in different markets while providing a single, consistent dashboard for reporting across the organization. 

The platform has been further built upon in-house since the inception of the program, and has been expanded to cater for the Voice of Employee program deployed to over 50 schools using the same Confirmit Horizons survey platform, Confirmit SmartHub™ and Active Dashboards solutions.


“We have found that the Voice of the Parent platform has provided valuable quantifiable confirmation of the areas of improvement needed in the eyes of our community. The use of the survey has helped build trust within our community in our ability to take action where needed. It has helped us identify areas in which we need to focus on, and those in which we are strong.” 

Kirsten Crossland, Senior Customer Engagement Manager, Australian International School Singapore