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4 Key Take-Aways from My Webinar with Bruce Temkin

I recently had the pleasure of conducting a webinar alongside Bruce Temkin, CCXP Managing Partner & Customer Experience Transformist. In the webinar, we discussed the ways people and technology can and should work together to make the customer experience better.

Since the webinar, I had a chance to reflect on what we heard. So, better late than never, here are four key points from the discussion I had with Bruce.

1.    Start narrow, not broadly: So often Customer Experience (CX) programs try to change the world overnight – and it takes a rare company to manage such a broad scope successfully. When you’re starting out at the beginning of your CX transformation the best advice is undoubtedly to tackle one thing at a time, doing each element really well. In this way, you can rally the troops around your chosen initiative and rapidly enjoy small wins that keep everyone motivated.

2.   Make business partners part of the equation: It’s easy to lose sight of the supply chain, only focusing on the parts that your company provides. But the customer sees all elements – including the parts you’ve out-sourced or entrusted to others. If your business partners aren’t providing a quality customer experience, it can, and indeed will, impact your company’s reputation. Alternatively, if your partners are doing well, providing an excellent Customer Experience, then the improvements you’ve made will likely have a greater impact on your company and your customers’ impression of you. 

3.    Focus on your business priorities: Your business priorities should serve as guidance, helping you identify where to focus Customer Experience efforts. This might manifest in finding better ways for your customers to buy more, or identifying easier ways for them to engage with your business. Linking together your commercial and customer focus will make it easier to ensure the two progress in tandem, supporting each other.

4.    The role of a CX professional is to motivate change: The role of a CX professional should be to motivate and drive change across a business. You must promote a customer-centric agenda across a company, sharing insights and inspiring your whole team to create and carry out action plans and initiatives that will improve the customer experience.


Remembering these four key points can really help CX professionals, like you, to become a driving force that can rally the entire company around a shared goal – a stellar Customer Experience with improved business outcomes.

If you missed the webinar, I highly encourage you to watch the recording to gain a better understanding of these points and learn how you can drive improvements in your organization. Here’s the link to the recording:

Watch the webinar: Changing the Game: Transformation through Technology and People


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