CX ROI: Got Me Under Pressure

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Author Bio

With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, Sarah’s passion lies in operationalizing the Voice of Customer to drive outstanding customer experiences. Her specialties include VoC architecture, developing linkages to business performance, reduction of customer defection and analyzing customer feedback to tell the customer’s story. Her expertise in VoC survey design has combined with omni-channel customer listening to structure sophisticated, customer-friendly VoC programs. 

Currently, she serves as VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit, where she combines her industry thought-leadership with customized needs-analysis to architect new feedback initiatives and corresponding customer experience strategies. She also runs diagnostics on existing programs to optimize structure and function to yield significant business insights from mature programs.

Author Bio

“How can I show my execs that my team makes a difference, that what we do works?” is a question that pops up now and then, particularly when a new senior leader comes onboard.

VoC and CX teams are being pressured to prove their value,

·    There is a greater demand for a clear ROI
·    Existing programs are under increased budgetary pressure
·    New initiatives need a business case for approval

Customer Experience continues to be a strategic focus for many companies, but executives want to be clear on what they are getting for their budget. Practitioners are coming under greater pressure to prove ROI to sustain budget, and new initiatives will increasingly need to show up with a solid business case in hand. Not many CX programs are flush with change management budget simply to check a box or because it’s “the right thing to do.” Instead, they have to prove that their CX efforts will improve business performance.


Four Faces of CX ROI
At Confirmit, we specialize in helping clients convert Voice of Customer insights into business outcomes. It’s the efforts your company takes to improve the customer experience that generates ROI for all of those customer listening programs.

Like you, we know there’s ROI in VoC and CX efforts. We suggest looking for CX ROI in these four areas: Financial, Operational, Technical and Strategic.

•    Increased customer retention, bigger share-of-wallet, repeat purchases
•    Reduced cost of new customer acquisition (from positive word-of-mouth)

•    Centralized customer data hub with easy integration capabilities to eliminate silos
•    Ability to measure productivity, identify areas for improvement, and monitor ROI

•    Improved productivity with better cross-departmental collaboration
•    Process standardization and automation

•    Leveraging superior customer experience in the competitive landscape
•    Improved customer experience and brand reputation

Get in Front of Demand
Before committing additional resources of time, technology and personnel to your CX improvements, your executive team may demand that you prove the value of your customer-focused efforts. Are you prepared to answer these executive demands? Even better, what if you could prepare to proactively communicate your team’s value throughout the organization, especially at the sponsorship level, and not wait to be asked to lobby for CX budget?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Building the Business Case for Call Center CX with Kathi Gurin of Sage Consulting. Kathi will take you through the 4-step process she conducts with clients to establish a compelling business case for CX initiatives. With Kathi’s guidance, you’ll be better prepared to prove the business benefits of your customer experience initiatives.