CX Maturity Webinar Series: Culture Change and Return on Investment

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Author Bio

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Your customer experience strategy depends on a customer-centric culture. So you need to ensure that your people are willing, skilled and able to execute what is asked of them. Most importantly they need to know what you are doing within your CX strategy, why you’re doing it, the benefit to them in supporting it.

In the final webinar in our CX maturity series, we addressed the critical role of culture in the customer experience. We also investigated the last of our five facets of maturity – value. We looked at proving and measuring the value of the program to both the business and the customer. This is crucial to securing the future of your program in the long term.

In this webinar, Lisa Garthside, Director, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit and Stefan Kolle, Founder, Futurelab brought the cycle of ‘what is a perfect VoC program?’ to a close, focused on these two key areas. They provided business-level insights, as well as practical tools and approaches. This included:

  • Driving strategic change and communications with both the business and customer 
  • How to give your people the tools, training and support they need to implement change
  • The holy grail of business value - proving Return on Investment

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