Behind the Handlebars: Customer Experience Lessons Learned on the Road

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon

Author Bio

With over 20 years’ experience in customer experience, Sarah’s passion lies in operationalizing the Voice of Customer to drive outstanding customer experiences. Her specialties include VoC architecture, developing linkages to business performance, reduction of customer defection and analyzing customer feedback to tell the customer’s story. Her expertise in VoC survey design has combined with omni-channel customer listening to structure sophisticated, customer-friendly VoC programs. 

Currently, she serves as VoC Consulting Director at Confirmit, where she combines her industry thought-leadership with customized needs-analysis to architect new feedback initiatives and corresponding customer experience strategies. She also runs diagnostics on existing programs to optimize structure and function to yield significant business insights from mature programs.

Author Bio


“After many years as a motorcycle passenger, I finally decided to get my own bike. I soon discovered the lessons I’m learning as a new rider closely mirror the challenges many companies face in their customer experience initiatives."
– Sarah Simon, Principal Consultant with Confirmit

Despite the many challenges you’ll face, your company needs a powerful customer experience program to increase revenue and profits and cut costs. Like with riding a motorcycle, excuses and mistakes can be disastrous.

In this webinar, Sarah Simon, Principal Consultant, Customer Success and Ken Schmidt, Brand Visionary and Former Communications Strategist for Harley Davidson, took us “behind the handlebars”, for an in-depth look at the challenges and solutions for the roadblocks ahead.


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