An Exciting Start to 2014

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Author Bio

2014 has started with a burst of activity and as I take a moment to reflect on 2013, I am once again, proud of what we achieved in the past year. 2013 was the most successful year in Confirmit’s history, with record breaking milestones set for new customers, renewals, completion rates and more. With an ever-expanding global team, we’re able to help an increasing number of organizations achieve their goals with our innovative solution sets for Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research.

And we’ve just expanded that solution set even further. Today, we’ve announced that Confirmit has acquired Integrasco, a leader in social intelligence and text analytics. For a decade,  Integrasco has been helping blue-chip brands measure how they’re perceived in social media and understand how best to engage with customers. These are areas which are becoming increasingly important to businesses who are trying to get a holistic view of how they are perceived in the marketplace, as well as how their industries are evolving. Our customers will have the opportunity to achieve greater insights through integrating social and text analytics with their Voice of the Customer and Market Research programs which is vital to ensure they can keep pace with the incredible growth in this type of data.  

Our team consists of some of the most innovative and effective minds in the market, and the inclusion of the Integrasco team will help us to continue this strong tradition. We’re delighted to welcome this team to Confirmit, and I’m really excited to see what’s already being achieved. We have a proven history of bringing together successful companies and ensuring that everyone – customers, the market, and our own teams – benefit as a result.

Speaking of customer benefits, I’m always incredibly proud when I speak to customers who are using Confirmit’s solutions, and I learn about some of the benefits they’ve achieved. Businesses across many industries have been able to transform the way they interact with their customers leading to better customers experiences and improved customer retention. Some of our Market Research customers have not only been able to streamline and improve their businesses, but are able to win more business and lead their market by implementing our ground-breaking mobile capabilities. While we know the capabilities of our solutions, hearing about them being used to really transform and drive companies around the world is a reminder of why these great teams of ours work so hard to keep innovating.

2014 promises a great deal. With the Confirmit Community Conference 2014 taking place at multiple locations in the Spring, the recent launch of this year’s ACE Awards helping to showcase the best of what our customers can achieve with our solutions, and the upcoming launch of Confirmit Horizons Version 18 – the biggest and most exciting change to our core product suite – there’s a lot to look forward to this year.
2013 was a special year at Confirmit, but I’m confident that when we look back, we’ll see it as just the starting point to 2014!