Agile, Flexible and Mobile – Confirmit Horizons Version 20 is Here!

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Author Bio

As we’ve just released version 20 of Confirmit Horizons, it seems a good time to draw a breath and reflect on the significance of this release. Version 20 aptly coincides with Confirmit celebrating its 20th anniversary. Back in 1996, the Internet was just emerging and mobile was in its infancy. Now, agility, flexibility and mobility are the order of the day, and I can vouch for that as I type this blog on a train while checking the latest scores at Wimbledon.

Agility, flexibility and mobility are key capabilities delivered by Confirmit Horizons version 20. In some ways though, delivering this release is simply a normal days’ work. That’s because we are in a near continuous delivery mode of updating all our SaaS environments once or twice a week with the latest innovations. But for SaaS customers, this version increment officially marks the end of support for business user access to our software using the older (and unsupported by Microsoft) versions of Internet Explorer. And we want all our customers to use Essential Objects PDF generation engine so we have made it the default for new Reportal reports with version 20.

For our on-premise customers, you can also take our software in a near-continuous delivery mode. Something made even easier now with the introduction of Octopus Deploy as the preferred method of delivering our software to you. For those on-premise customers that choose a “Frozen” release, version 20 brings all the new and proven capabilities that we have developed over the past 9 months to your door.

With significant new capabilities being made available so frequently, even those of you on our SaaS platform may have missed one or two. Supporting that mobility theme, there is new mobile optimization for Action Management and Active Dashboards, new support for responsive design in Reportal, and mobile-optimized access to Confirmit Horizons directly from the home screen of your mobile device. For our many CAPI users out there, we’ve also delivered modules for Android, iOS and Windows, plus built-in geo-location or beacon triggering for our panel app.

We are continually striving to offer greater flexibility so that you can take advantage of all the power available in Confirmit Horizons without extensive training or a fully managed service. Our new Discovery Analytics module empowers the analyst to easily explore all the data they have captured and uncover deeper insights. And our new Hierarchy Management makes complex hierarchies much easier to manage. In fact, customers using this new module are reporting time savings of 50% or more!

With all our new software using our class-leading user interface design language, we have now introduced a new Learning Management System with a range of e-learning topics, so you can learn how to get the most from our software at your own pace, in your own time, in whatever location you choose.

Which brings me back to my train ride, and I’m nearly home. Today’s mobility, agility and flexibility means I can see that results are going well at Wimbledon, I can post this blog and check real-time the status of our own feedback program, all from my mobile device. I wonder what changes there will be in the cadence of our working lives in another 20 years from now?

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