ACE Awards Winners Q&A: Moore Medical

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Author Bio

In May, Confirmit announced the winners of the 2016 Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards. In the Voice of the Customer category, one of the distinguished winners was Moore Medical, a specialty direct marketer and distributor of medical-surgical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals. In this blog, Moore Medical’s customer experience specialist, Joellyn Ball, shares some of the secrets of their success.

Moore Medical uses the Customer Effort Score to gauge customer response to how easy it is to do business with them and has developed a Voice of the Customer program that helps the team understand where they’re succeeding and how they can improve. By sharing feedback with operational teams as well as leadership, they’ve built a company-wide focus on customer-centricity.


  • Can you describe your program?

We run a Transactional survey program with a daily data feed of customers. This data feed includes customers that were invoiced the previous day, and we ask about their most recent transaction with the company. It’s a check of the basics, i.e., did we have what you needed, did we get it to you in a timely manner, did it arrive in good condition and if you had an issue, did we resolve.

We also have an Annual Relationship Survey that is three components – a Key Account Survey, Overall Customer Base (non-Key Account) and an Employee Alignment Survey where we ask employees to complete the same survey as the customer and respond as they think a customer would. The Key Account Survey is a combination of phone surveys and email invite/web survey.

We also run what we call “Topic Surveys” which vary based on the outcomes of the surveys and other business needs.

  • What key metric do you use to monitor the customer experience?

We use Ease of Doing Business on the Transactional Survey, and Net Promotor Score® on the Annual Relationship Survey. Since NPS is a one-shot deal given that we obtain from our Annual Survey, the CES on the Transactional survey gives us an indication if we’re on the right track to see an uptick in our NPS. If we start to see any downward trends, we know we have to do a little digging about what the issues are so that when the annual survey rolls around, we’re well positioned to see our NPS scores moving upward. While this was new to us just over a year ago, it has been a good change to have another metric to focus on outside of NPS.


  • And have you got easier to do business with?

I don’t know that I’d necessarily say that we’ve gotten easier to do business with – although we’ve seen an uptick in that score – but there is a high level of awareness that we’re looking at that so I think that’s real progress. When looking at new projects and/or enhancements, we do ask the question, “Does this make it easier for the customer to do business with us?”

  • How do you bring the Voice of the Employee into the process?

We have always done both a Customer Survey and an Employee Alignment survey asking employees to complete the same survey as customers and answer as they think a customer would.  We evaluate and compare results and review employee comments particularly on questions/attributes where the variance between customer and employee scores is significant.  We share the customer and employee results out and show the variance. We also meet with small groups of employees to try to understand the disconnect between the two scores and what improvements the employees would prioritize and why.


  • How has your company culture changed as a result of listening to the customer?

Without a doubt, there is a high level of focus on how our decisions impact the customer.Throughout the organization, employees will communicate things that they don’t think are in the best interest of the customer and we take a second look.I think the fact that employees will send me emails saying we need to look at “x” because this is what it means to a customer, is a true indicator of a company focus on the customer.“Customer-first” is an enterprise-wide principle so we are fortunate to be a part of a very customer focused company at all levels.

  • How critical is the support of the executive leadership team in the success of your program?

The commitment to the customer – and to the program – starts at the top.  I believe it’s the reason we’ve been successful. 

  • What’s next?

We will continue to try to tie financial metrics to our VoC results but it’s not mission critical. It’s just an ongoing effort to try to communicate ROI. This year, we’ve combined new elements of our program together – we will now have our web intercept results in the same portal – so we will be looking at a more complete look at customer verbatims and using the Confirmit Genius text analytics solution to complement our other quantitative results. We will also continue to communicate results and work with a focus on Ease of Doing Business. In addition, we’re refreshing our program to recognize employees who are mentioned in a survey by a customer.  These employees were “Voice of the Customer Champions” but after 4 years, we needed a refresh so we’re working on a reboot of that program.



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