Voice of the Customer Report Template: Confirmit Reportal

Holly Carter

Holly Carter

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Author Bio

When it comes to reporting, analysis and driving action, I think it’s safe to say, we’ve got it covered! Confirmit’s comprehensive reporting and action suite, including ReportalTM, Active Dashboards, Instant Analytics, Discovery Analytics, and Action Management, provides organizations with access to everything they need for Market Research, Voice of the Customer, and Voice of the Employee reporting, data visualization, dashboarding, and alerting.

While all of the solutions in our reporting suite are absolutely stellar, Confirmit Reportal is my personal favorite! It is no ordinary reporting platform. The beauty of Reportal lies in its immense flexibility as a wholly customizable reporting, dashboarding, and portal development platform (That’s right! You can build a portal for your stakeholders to login and view their personal dashboards in real-time. It doesn’t get better than that!). With Reportal you can create fully tailored reports that deliver deeper levels of detail and insight, depending on their individual requirements. In short, Reportal is a development platform, a tool box with which you can be as creative and analytical as you need.

Now, I’ll admit, to the untrained eye, Reportal seems really “big”. But, honestly, with such flexibility, such power – how could it not? Well, that was the challenge before our brilliant Product Managers and developers went to work on the perfect solution. And that solution is – I believe - a magnificent work of ART (and, no the capitalization of art is not a typo. Read on.)

The Analysis Report Template (ah, now it makes sense!) makes it easy for anyone to leverage Reportal’s immense power. This pre-built voice of the customer template offers a series of impressive analysis reports and can be easily applied to your surveys. It was designed to provide Confirmit users with an easy way to gain access to reports that look super-high-end but don’t require high-end skills to implement or navigate. With the Analysis Report Template, your analysis is streamlined and the data visualizations are perfect for at-a-glance consumption of a variety of configurable statistics like Top or Bottom Box, NPS®, and more.

Now, you probably want to know what analyses are available with the Analysis Report Template. The list is quite impressive and includes: comparison rating summary, frequency distribution, multiple frequency distribution, crosstabs, trending, verbatims, positioning chart, response rates, lions, tigers, and bears (Oh, my!... Ok perhaps the animals are a slight exaggeration – but the list is still impressive!). What’s more, the template has a variety of cool filters, to help you get more out of your data. As if all that isn’t impressive enough, there are configuration options such as the ability to add your own logo and choose your preferred date format that allows users to add a personal touch to these templated reports.

Once again, Confirmit’s Product Managers and Developers have outdone themselves with this new innovation. If you have not yet seen Confirmit’s Analysis Report Template, stop everything you are doing immediately and call us for a demo… no seriously, do it now. You won’t regret it!


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