360° CX: A Practical Approach to Holistic Customer Experience

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A 360 degree view of customers from a data perspective is great. But it's increasingly important to understand how your customers interact with you through the entire lifecycle.

To achieve this, you need a holistic view of your customers, company and employees at each and every interaction.

Customer journey maps tend to focus on digital channels where we can track behaviors relatively easily, but there are still many customer touchpoints that businesses fail to build into that map. What about offline, outbound and face to face interactions? It's a puzzle with lots of interacting parts!

Building a 360 degree customer view that incorporates every interaction enables you to develop a new level of analysis and action. And your organization will gain results that will represent both emotional and measurable insights. In this webinar, Confirmit's Sarah Simon and Valerie Peck of SuiteCX, talked about how businesses can achieve that holistic view.

Watch this engaging and interactive session to learn:

  • The components of mapping touchpoints and interactions within a bigger process, i.e. customer journey map with inputs, outputs and visualization
  • Pulling in Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and business data from disparate sources and blending them together effectively
  • Best practice examples and tips to improving the customer experience


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