02h00 Oslo Update: Coming live from the Confirmit Boomer Hackathon !

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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So, it’s the middle of the night now (2am or so, actually). We have about three and a half hours to go until code freeze at 05h30.  Speaking of freezes – it’s minus 7C here in Oslo (or +18F for those of you in the Fahrenheit world)

We’re all in pretty good shape - sustained by coffee, Red Bull and camaraderie. 2am snacking is also in progress, and what looked like a mountain of supplies only six hours ago, is dwindling. We’ll have enough to survive, though. We’ve never lost anyone yet to a Hackathon !

Our timetable here on out looks like this...

05.27 Code Freeze
05.30 Presentation of the work to all present and the judges. By the way - the judges are Ole, Jan, Trond and Pat. Ole is Chairman of the judges.
06.30 Judges retire to consider their verdict !
07.00 – 08.00 Presentation of awards over breakfast in the canteen.
08.00 – The rest of the day. Go home. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz. A happy , contented , well earned sleep.

As to the criteria the judges are using to help select the winning team and project .. the main ones are .. 
1) The degree to which we feel the project could be continued on further, and eventually make it to production ready and deployment.
2) Coolness.
3) How well presented/demo’d the project is.
4) Wow factor! We already know, from sitting with the teams over the course of the Hackathon that all of the projects are going to be great! But which will have that extra, indefinable, “Wow Factor”?
5) How well the team has worked – a mixture of team spirit, resilience, planning, leadership, collaborative working.

All three teams are largely through the bulk of the work. Effort now is going into testing, refining, and adding nice touches to increase the “Wow factor”. Work is also going into the presentations.

We’ve already seen good work-in-progress demos from the teams, and are looking forward to seeing the “finished” products. Bear in mind, though, that these are far from “finished” in a production ready sense – we’ve spent most of the time in design and coding, rather than testing and optimising.

By way of example, Team C (Confirmit Globe) has been working to make the display more dynamic and visually appealing – by adding colour (where colour also indicates intensity along a traffic light system, with green being low, amber being moderate and red being high). There is a certain amount of  software “swooshing” going on as well (If you have seen any Apple software, you’ll know what I mean).

Team B (Mini Community Panel App) is busy adding additional features to the portal, such as registration.

And the A Team is working on debugging some of the LinkedIn code, which was behaving perfectly a couple of hours ago, but now has stopped playing ball. Most uncharitable at this time of night !

Time for a strong. black coffee. More later !