Single Survey Design for Online and Offline Research

Miguel Ramos

Miguel Ramos

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A technologist with more than 15 years’ experience in mobile technologies, technology strategy and implementation, Miguel is part of Confirmit thought leadership and marketing teams, working closely with Product Management on new innovations, product launches and methodologies.

In this role, Miguel regularly presents at webinars and at global conferences on some of the most cutting-edge issues affecting both Market Research and Customer Experience professionals. In this capacity, he is recognized as a thought leader in areas such as reducing survey fatigue though new approaches to data collection, and all aspects of the use of mobile and multi-media in research.

Prior to this role, Miguel led Confirmit’s Mobile practice in EMEA and Asia Pacific, developing mobile solutions for both Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Market Research. Miguel holds an MBA from Durham University (UK)

Author Bio

Focusing on the mode of connecting with the participants is so 2001.Survey technology allows you to create a single survey that can be used for online and offline research.

The key to success is to have a single survey experience, something that is inherently people focused. Technology is at the center of this “seamless” or single survey experience as it provides a consistent survey look and feel across channels as well as enabling the completion of the same survey online and offline with a single survey link or URL.

In this webinar, Miguel Ramos, Product Marketing Manager at Confirmit, explained the value of a single survey for online and offline research at both the strategic and tactical level – and provided practical examples and useful tips.


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