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Confirmit Team

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Gaining Insights from Digital Consumer Experience

As technology advances, the line between the physical and digital consumer experience is blurring across all industries.


For example, more people are shopping online than ever before. Even inside brick-and-mortar stores, 82% of shoppers consult their smartphone regarding purchases they're about to make. Digital banking capabilities have moved an increasing number of transactions from local branches to desktop or hand-held devices. In travel and hospitality, vacations are increasingly being booked online or via mobile apps.

Both pure digital and merged digital/physical interactions provide new opportunities to gain deeper insight into the mind of the consumer. But these are not just another channel for data collection or feedback. As the lines between the digital and physical worlds continue to blur, leveraging these channels appropriately is rapidly becoming an absolute must to remain competitive in your industry.

In this webinar, Confirmit’s Holly Carter, Product Marketing Director and Paul Quinn, Senior Director, Product Management will discuss a variety of ways companies can maximize the depth and quality of data and consumer feedback leveraging both pure digital and merged digital/physical channels, including:

  • Collecting feedback and consumer data through your website
  • Leveraging apps to collect consumer data and feedback in real time
  • Usage and/or transactions
  • Making the most of beacon and location technologies to facilitate in-the-moment feedback


Our Speaker


Holly Carter, Director of Product Marketing, Confirmit

Holly works closely with the Product Management team, ensuring that Confirmit's latest innovations are communicated to customers. She is a regular webinar presenter and speaker at Market Research events, providing guidance on key MR topics such as creating engaging surveys, generating ROI, and the role of automation.










Paul Quinn, Sr. Director of Product Management, ConfirmitHolly Carter, Director of Product Marketing, Confirmit

Paul Quinn is part of Confirmit's Product Strategy Group and focuses on ensuring that the Confirmit Horizons roadmap continues to meet customer demands while continuing to feature innovative new capabilities. Paul has 15 years’ experience in the MR and VoC solutions market, and regularly presents webinars which highlight new product functionality. He is highly experienced in translating technology features into real-world benefits.

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