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Customer Testimonial Video Market Research | B2B International

Global, full-service Market Research firm B2B International has grown in size every year since its inception in 1998. Its success lies in its decision to specialise in the business-to-business market and its proven ability to conduct strategic yet practical B2B research that delivers genuine results and actions for its clients.



The company’s push for constant innovation is underpinned by the company’s long-standing use of the Confirmit Horizons platform. The company also prides itself on introducting new ways of thinking in project design, gathering data, and communicating and embedding insights within client organisations.

In this video, Matthew Powell of B2B international talks about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of the MR industry. He stressed that while AI will better enable creativity in research programs, and help them deliver faster insights, it will not replace crucial person-to-person interactions. He believes that face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews are vital to enabling deep insight.

Matthew also talks about the innovative approaches to MR that B2B International provides, including their ground-breaking win/loss solution which won them a 2018 Confirmit ACE Award. He also highlights the way in which B2B International helps clients with market assessment projects, and Customer Experience programs to help them understand the impact of taking particular action.



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