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Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

Confirmit Market Research Software platform allows researchers to resolve the operational challenges of gathering data faster, generating insights more easily and improving productivity.

The rise of digital communications and the expansion of consumer data are changing the definition of market research. Rather than remaining focused on analyzing only traditional survey feedback, market researchers are increasingly challenged to mine the wealth of information from multiple feedback channels - including social media, CRM systems and unstructured data sources. For organizations able to leverage new technologies to work faster, provide more accurate data, and produce strategic insights, this transition provides tremendous opportunities. However, to reap these benefits, the proper strategy and tools are essential.



What is required is a platform that allows researchers to resolve the operational challenges of gathering data faster, generating insights more easily and improving productivity.

They can then focus their efforts on the strategic opportunities around:

  • making sense of the data
  • leveraging various feedback channels
  • integrating external data sources

In this eBook we’ll provide an overview of the critical challenges faced by MR agencies and show you how Confirmit’s survey and reporting software for Market Research can answer your business needs.

Confirmit: The Leader in Market Research

Confirmit is a Market Research software platform that enables agencies and in-house teams to create and deliver surveys, collect data, and prepare and share detailed analysis on results. With Confirmit, you can create very simple or very complex surveys, tailored to your clients’ needs and branding. These surveys can be online, CAPI, CATI, IVR, or paper-based - or a mixture of any of these modes. Text analytics can be added to ensure all respondents’ comments are analyzed for insights. You can also capture unsolicited feedback by crawling and filtering a wide range of social media sources. 
When responses come in, the advanced reporting allows you to filter information, create tables and charts, and share reports, so you can deliver detailed analysis to your clients or in-house departments. 
You can use Confirmit Horizons to drill down into research results, analyze data based on a wide variety of factors, and then deliver multiple reports showing key findings. These reports can be tailored to the different people you’re sending them to, so you can produce topline reports and dashboards for executive management, and at the same time provide those ‘at the front line’ with results of very detailed analysis.

Confirmit Horizons’ software platform

Confirmit Horizons’ software platform is an end-to-end solution that enables you to manage each and every step of the survey lifecycle, from multi-mode survey creation and deployment to panel management and data collection, data processing, online reporting, analysis, and alerting. The platform provides a completely flexible approach for research professionals and ad-hoc survey authors alike. Through different levels of access, users can create and deliver all types of Market Research project, from quick, tactical surveys to long-term, strategic feedback programs. 

The software boosts your efficiency by allowing you to complete more projects, more quickly. Secondly, it improves the quality and accuracy of the research results you deliver. These factors combine to give you measurable Return on Investment. This can be calculated in terms of cost reductions in the survey process itself, faster survey turnaround, enhanced customer relationships through improved quality of service, and more detailed insight for your clients leading to more repeat business.

Confirmit Technology: Scalable, Reliable, and Stable 

Confirmit provides flexible, multi-channel software solutions for Market Research programs, Customer Experience and Employee Feedback. Our platform, Confirmit Horizons, provides you with one-stop, feature-rich solutions to gain maximum value and insight from all your feedback and research projects.

Experience, Knowledge, and Competence 

Confirmit was founded 20 years ago and supports some of the biggest corporations and Market Research firms in the world. Our history has provided us with a deep expertise in every aspect of feedback and research from advanced statistical methodologies to the real-life applications of the insights we help you uncover.

Confirmit Provides 

  • Advanced survey design capabilities to enable the creation of highly sophisticated surveys 
  • The ability to author a survey once, then deploy it across multiple channels – including web, telephone, mobile, and paper – ensuring the most efficient use of time while maximizing results 
  • A huge r-ange of features to increase response rates, including dozens of innovative question types, images and multimedia clips and a powerful array of feedback methods – to engage audiences and capture insights 
  • Integrated testing capabilities and collaboration features ensure surveys work every time, and all users have the access level that suits them 
  • Fully secured interfaces tailored to the requirements of each user