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Confirmit Team

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

Author Bio

The rise of digital communications and the expansion of consumer data are changing the definition of market research. Rather than remaining focused on analyzing only traditional survey feedback, market researchers are increasingly challenged to mine the wealth of information from multiple feedback channels - including social media, CRM systems and unstructured data sources. For organizations able to leverage new technologies to work faster, provide more accurate data, and produce strategic insights, this transition provides tremendous opportunities. However, to reap these benefits, the proper strategy and tools are essential.

What is required is a platform that allows researchers to resolve the operational challenges of gathering data faster, generating insights more easily and improving productivity.

They can then focus their efforts on the strategic opportunities around:

  • making sense of the data
  • leveraging various feedback channels
  • integrating external data sources

In this eBook we’ll provide an overview of the critical challenges faced by MR agencies and show you how Confirmit’s survey and reporting software for Market Research can answer your business needs.


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