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Confirmit Team

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Fine Research is the largest independent fieldwork company in Latin America.

In the market since 2000, Fine Research is the largest independent fielding company in Latin America focused on working for international agencies. With offices in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, Fine runs over 500 field assignments per year. Fine is primarily focused on healthcare research, currently holding the largest physician panel in the region. Fine also provides services for consumer and B2B research. These range from traditional and online communities to controlled product testing, CATI surveys or complex requirement such as car clinics or new movies evaluations.



The past decade has shown that Latin American and Caribbean countries are sensitively exposed to extreme natural events that can result in social disasters. For example, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and the more recent Central Mexico earthquake have caused widespread and catastrophic damage, and thousands of deaths.

In a recent study, Fine worked with Confirmit to run a 2-wave study of over 5,500 healthcare professionals across 18 countries to understand how well prepared each healthcare system was to confront natural disasters. Overall, the results from the survey were resoundingly clear – healthcare providers do not feel as though they are prepared or equipped to deal with natural disasters.

Fine Research selected Confirmit’s technology to enable them to conduct the survey, as the team had been a long-time partner in providing support for Fine’s medical panel, among other projects. The Confirmit Horizons platform was the ideal solution to collect feedback quickly and connect data, and the resulting survey design and structure conveyed a reliable, safe environment to participating healthcare providers and Save the Children.

“In a few words, we believe Market Research will continue its way toward trying to overcome barriers of human behaviour. Technology will keep evolving in a way that takes advantage of all information consumers are exposed to today, developing tools and methods looking to unravel emotional and unpredictable decision-making patterns.” - Javier Reznik, Project Manager at Fine Research.

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