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Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Culturati Research & Consulting Case Study. How Confirmit helps clients reach all customer in a growing multi-cultural world.

No company aiming for significant growth in the US can ignore the Hispanic market in their research. For most companies, research means reliable sample – in this case, Spanish speaking sample. Culturati Research identified this need and dedicated resources to building a best-in-class Hispanic panel.



To succeed, this Market Research business needed a technology partner who could deliver a more flexible, robust and sophisticated research platform.

The Culturati team identified two critical requirements for their new technology provider. The ability to efficiently run and manage surveys in multiple languages and a focus on mobile data collection. Over 70% of Culturati’s surveys are completed on mobile devices and it is vital that the mobile experience doesn’t impact the quality of the data collected.

An in-depth review of the available options led Culturati to Confirmit. The solutions that Confirmit provides include advanced panel management, on-platform translation capabilities, highly configurable survey design, and a seamless mobile experience.

Benefits have been swift and significant. Response rates have increased by 25% since the move, and the transfer of the existing panel to Confirmit Horizons has given the Culturati team the flexibility they need to meet ever-evolving client needs.


“Simply put, we just couldn’t get everything we needed until we partnered with Confirmit. Confirmit is not just our vendor, they are a partner and an extension of our own team that helps us be a best-in-class research consultant. The platform is powerful, and we need that kind of flexibility with our growth. If there’s ever an issue, they work with us to find a solution, and we find that anything we envision is possible with Confirmit – we love that.” - Karla TerĂ¡n, V.P. and Managing Director at Culturati.

Culturati is confident in the insight it provides to clients and knows that no data is being compromised because of mobile data collection. Thanks to Confirmit’s mobile configuration, Culturati can collect better, more accurate survey data every time.

Download this case study to learn how Culturati has been able to harness Confirmit’s solutions to drive the company forward.