B2B International: Introducing New Thinking to the B2B buyer journey

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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B2B International Case Study: Introducing New Thinking to the B2B Buyer Journey

Global, full-service Market Research firm B2B International has grown in size every year since its inception in 1998. Its success lies in its decision to specialize in the business-to-business market and its proven ability to conduct strategic yet practical B2B research that delivers genuine, relevant insights and actions for its clients. Its success in this field has led it to recently become part of gyro – the world’s largest B2B marketing agency.



This push for constant innovation is underpinned by the company’s long-standing use of the Confirmit Horizons platform. The company also prides itself on introducing new ways of thinking in project design, gathering data, and communicating and embedding insights within client organizations. To that end, B2B International have used the Confirmit Horizons platform to develop a win/loss solution that enables its clients to establish a clear understanding of:

  • Current performance in the sales process
  • Drivers of win/loss - the things that make or break a sales
  • How to increase sale value.

In this case study, you’ll learn how the team at B2B International has a built a unique platform that provides a practical set of actions and ‘levers’ that can be used to increase conversion rates by delivering an enhanced customer experience to existing and prospective customers at a crucial stage in the customer journey.

Our program is rooted in pragmatism and is tailored to each client, with a focus on delivering meaningful actions. Confirmit plays a crucial role in helping us deliver this offering to our clients”

-          Matthew Powell, Director of London at B2B International