Young Market Researcher Winners: Visualizing the Future of Market Research

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Confirmit Team

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There’s lots of talk these days about the changing landscape of Market Research – from evolving technologies to disruption of traditional processes to new entrants – even Google now on the scene! With this advance of technology, sometimes research best practice gets compromised. Most clients are looking for new ways to get insights with less cost and greater speed. And increasingly, there’s a focus on mobile and ways to connect to consumers digitally.

When I joined BuzzBack, I worked mostly on reports and visualizing insights gathered via traditional Confirmit Horizons surveys that integrated BuzzBack’s proprietary techniques. The challenge was bridging the traditional quant that most researchers and brand teams like to see – you know, the bars and charts and stat testing – with the more visual tools BuzzBack uses to help clients understand why.

Here’s a great example – this is a shampoo concept we tested. You can see below both the ‘what’ – the scores and how well the idea performs on key measures, as well as the ‘why’ what makes the concept successful, specifically the language and visuals that are driving appeal. In preparing these slides for our recent webinar, I used standard Confirmit data and BuzzBack’s Thought Bubble and Concept Focus techniques to help the audience visualize the story.

But that’s what we did when I joined. Now as we look forward, we are working on ways to automate this process – integrating more intuitive user experiences based on mobile-first technology, with more visual dashboards that automate the display of data so we can glean insights and learning much faster. Today, consumers are spending as much as 60% of their time on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, they shop on Amazon and not in stores, and they multi-screen instead of watching TV. You get the picture.


This shift to mobile is part of Confirmit’s strategy too. The company recently introduced Confirmit AskMe, a mobile app that enables consumers to do surveys on smartphones and tablets. It’s a pretty good user experience, and we’re building right into those kinds of initiatives. This is challenging – real estate is more restrained, so every click and swipe needs to be thought through – that shampoo idea needs to look really different on a phone. My day-to-day activities center around UX and functional design. And we are working on lots of tools…These are the exact challenges I love.


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