Guest Blog: Scripting Evolution at Kadence International

Constantin Rusu

Constantin Rusu

Author Bio

Data Processing and Analytics Executive at Kadence International

Author Bio

Constantin Rusu, Data Processing and Analytics Executive, Kadence International

This post originally appeared on the Kadence International’s blog. Thank you to the Kadence team for enabling us to share here.  

Kadence International, through its OneKadence global initiative, has recently partnered exclusively with Confirmit for survey programming and data processing needs. Here, Kadence International’s Constantin Rusu, based in Boston, talks about the journey of adapting to the new platform and how it enhances the team’s creativity, productivity and ability to offer surveys that engage respondents in productive, new ways.

Confirmit is evolving their survey technology to lead the field offerings of marketing research. When logging into Confirmit Horizons to script a survey there is a choice: nostalgic, or contemporary. Confirmit doesn’t include a DeLorean time travel package (though we could use it sometimes), but it does allow an opportunity to work with two versions of its interface.

The old version is reminiscent to the classic Microsoft Office design. It’s a dense interface, but is able to showcase its multiple features. The new version is elegantly restrained with fewer buttons, and thus succeeds in making Confirmit scripting look and feel good. I often find myself juggling between the two depending on what a project calls for.

When I began using Confirmit Horizons I explored all aspects of scripting, ensuring our transition to the program was a smooth one. A revelation quickly surfaced that the platform had many facets. I needed to reframe how I looked at the system. With functionalities that range from CAPI and CATI solutions, mobile apps, emailing system, a data hub, shareable dashboards, and in-depth user management - one must figure how their business needs fit in. This is where Confirmit makes its scalability and flexibility known. The duality of its scripting interface indicates what Confirmit has done right and how it’s moving into the future. This flexibility satisfies requirements of small and large businesses alike.

Adopting Confirmit has impacted the Kadence US workflow positively. Gone are the days of formatting and prepping a translation file. The updated scripting interface provides a one-button solution to get our hands on a file that is ready to send. Confirmit provides a separate testing link (with useful question navigation) that can be used before pushing changes into the field. All in all, the platform encourages optimization, standardizing workflows and making use of templates. This speeds up the process, and makes the scripting more transparent. The time and clarity gained help us focus on high priority tasks, and leave room for creativity in how surveys are programmed. Less time is spent on repetitive tasks, and we’re able to continuously improve while keeping our eye on the bigger picture.

I’m personally excited about the ability to create and share live dashboards. It gives clients an opportunity to get closer to the battleground. It provides teams the ability to share information faster. And vitally, it keeps vendors from ending up in the spam folder after numerous requests for “updated quota reports.”

With all its features and modules, Confirmit succeeds in bringing teams closer. The program encourages technical and non-technical staff to ask more questions. This makes the research process more interactive, and provides further time to innovate and deliver on our projects.