Young Market Researcher Winners: Combining the Best of the Different Approaches

Confirmit Team

Confirmit Team

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Author Bio

Have you ever wondered what means to look at Market Research through the eyes of an anthropologist? If I try to think as an anthropologist I can understand the consumer behavior more deeply and with greater immersion.

As a Market Researcher I always try to understand the consumer and what is the best way to meet the consumer’s needs - in other words, what is the ESSENCE of the consumer? I always try to find the best approach.

Whereas as an anthropologist I look holistically at all the elements that make people who they are.

I’m interested in people and their behavior and culture, which include conscious and unconscious factors that drive people to do what they do.

What’s key here is that I have not only to understand the difference, but I am also required to analyze everything through the eye of an anthropologist and researcher.

Insight and Perception

Using qualitative and quantitative research methods sometimes means that respondents are unable to verbalize and to explain what they think, and usually give the most social acceptable answers. This of course will reflect to the final results of our study and give us less accurate insight. Anthropological methods can shed some light on these situations and at the end we will have better results.

For me, combining anthropology and Market Research is an indispensable approach. It helps us to look at things through multiple lenses. As a part of the working process, I aim to understand both and to research the differences from the perspective of these people.

The best thing for me is to know that I am doing something really meaningful, every day I just dive in the world of MR and it’s a really beautiful adventure.

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