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Author Bio

With the global Market Research industry’s estimated worth currently sitting around $76 billion, it’s a pretty exciting space to be in as a provider of Market Research software! Confirmit has been a leader in MR software for over 22 years providing MR companies with the essential tools to gather and understand their data.

One question that comes to mind for such a competitive market is how to stay relevant? When mergers, acquisitions, and sadly, some failures are commonplace, businesses have to look critically at their offering to ensure they provide maximum value for their customers.

Confirmit’s people are at the heart of providing this value and I’ll call out three key themes I’ve seen in my very first few days at the company (hint I’ve been super impressed!); Making Things Easy, Reliability, and Innovation.

Making Things Easy

As the industry leader Confirmit helps Market Research organizations successfully deliver high-quality solutions to their clients, by providing software and services that span the entire MR lifecycle from survey design and deployment to panel management, analysis and reporting. It can be incredibly complex to collect the right insights and find a solution to your research needs that also works for your clients.

While some products and features are available as simple out-of-the-box options, the platform is super powerful and some customers opt to work directly with the code and APIs themselves. Seriously smart team members are always on hand to help customers get the best out of the software, however technical you want to get.

Employing innovative research techniques can increase productivity, provide impactful reporting and help you to maintain your competitive edge. Confirmit sees customers as partners and it’s clear they feel the love too! Karla Terán V.P. and Managing Director at Culturati sums it up in one line; “Confirmit is not just our vendor, they are a partner and an extension of our own team that helps us be a best-in-class research consultant.”


Confirmit’s view on uptime is simple; there need to be as many nines as possible! And it’s clear people practice what they preach with the platform regularly hitting 100% uptime, demonstrating just how seriously Confirmit takes platform stability. When you’re capturing data that’s crucial to your business in real-time you don’t want any interruptions. This is why it’s vital you work with an MR software provider you trust can deliver on their promises. Confirmit’s support team is always on hand and happy to help with any queries however complex they might be. The support team aims to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible and our customers know they can depend on top-quality resolutions every single time.


Constant focus on innovation is crucial to ensuring current products and features are consistently enhanced and that new ones really are cutting edge. ESOMAR and BDO’s latest Global Market Research Report highlights the focus on newer technology sections of the MR industry, such as AI and analytics. Confirmit updates software continuously and its dedicated Product Management team ensure customers have access to the latest and greatest features. Our experts not only help you with the day to day but encourage and help you leverage AI technologies as we continue to innovate together; as Jeff Mullions, Director of indeana explains; “Confirmit is continually evolving and pushing the boundaries to stay in front which is a key benefit that provides me with a point of differentiation from other suppliers.”

Ultimately, it’s all about great people (although it helps that we have kick-ass innovative software too!).


Sources: ESOMAR and professional services firm BDO’s ‘Global Market Research Report 2018’.


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